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Fool Me Once #1: What’s In A Name?

Tarot Comic, Fool Me Once, Name the Fool

Welcome to the new Tarot Comic, Fool Me Once. This new series will shine some light on tarot concepts, while injecting a bit of humor in what can be a weighty subject. Let me know how you like it!

Leave a comment with suggestions for names for the Fool and the dog. As noted, masculine or feminine names are fine, because the Fool is considered hermaphroditic. This gender neutrality also ties into the World card, when the Major Arcana comes full circle. For clarity in the English language, the Fool is most often referred to as ‘he’, and the World as ‘she’. But in this comic, anything goes!

Also, Tarot Musings has received a face lift! I hope you enjoy the new look. Let me know if anything didn’t survive the site redesign.


P.S. What name would you want to give the Fool? Share it here!