Wow! Just What I Needed!

This reading was just what I needed to get me going again.  I had doubts but now I feel much better about the route I’m taking!  Thanks so much!

- M., April 2010

Tarot Readers Need M&Ms.

I’m a reader of Tarot and Kim and I have exchanged readings many times. She has real skill with the cards. She’s honest, accurate and approaches every reading with a real sense of compassion.

You can’t go wrong with a reading from Kim.

Get a reading now or I will come to your house, throw all your things on the floor and eat all your M&Ms.

-Che Rex, Tarot Sloth, April 2011

I Just Read It…

I just read it … and it’s clear that your cards know I’m a Libra and sometimes have trouble making decisions. The reading did help with a decision I’ve been wrestling with. Now I need to act on it. Thanks again!
-C. Jones, July 2011

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