Kimberlee, Tarot Writer, Tarot ReaderMy name is Kimberlee.

I have been studying tarot for many years, since I first picked up a tarot deck when I was thirteen. I have rekindled my interest in the tarot, studying and giving readings to a variety of people. I am a member of the American Tarot Association. I have reached a point where my tarot studies are blossoming and giving fruit, which I desire to share with each one of you.

Naturally, my life hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine. I have met life’s difficulties head on, with determination and perseverance. I will share bits of my personal spiritual journey in posts to come. The culmination of these experiences adds up to a compassionate soul, one who can empathize with your situation and provide a response tempered by experience.

I am a very intuitive soul, drawing much more from the cards than their standard book meanings. I tap into the still, small voice within that points out the curlicues of life. I have also recently been dealing with the darker areas with my mind and emotions, drawing out my unreasonable fears and slaying them. I know how to balance the wild mind with the rational mind, whether to climb the heights of spiritual experience, or give practical, real world advice. I do not intend to simply talk about the tarot path, I intend to live it.

By coming here and reading about the tarot, you are beginning your own personal journey. Your own unique insights and experiences are welcomed and encouraged here. I hope to guide you along the experience as best I can. No matter where the tarot leads you, you will be changed, most certainly for the better.

I personally use tarot as a vehicle for healing, guidance, and meditation. I hope that my knowledge will show you new areas of the tarot you have never explored before, and that you will grow spiritually from the experience.

Again, welcome! I am most pleased to have you here. Please subscribe to Tarot Musings so you won’t miss a thing.