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Tarot on Tarot Reading: The Fool

The Fool is the lighthearted adventurer, welcoming one and all to the world of tarot reading. He is bold, enthusiastic, and carefree. He holds no expectations, and goes where the winds carry him. All he brings with him is his flamboyant clothing, his knapsack on his wand, and his faithful dog, nipping at his heels.

What can you learn from the Fool when tarot reading? Here are some areas to consider:

Tarot Lesson One: Bring Only the Necessities

What do you really need when tarot reading? A deck of tarot cards, a journal to record your readings, and a pen to write them down. That’s it. While reading books is helpful, the true tarot reading experience doesn’t begin until you examine the cards and draw your own conclusions from them. Which leads you to…

Tarot Lesson Two: Let Go of Expectations

Naturally, you all have ideas about why you want to read, and where your tarot path will take you. This excitement is refreshing, and part of what makes tarot reading so thrilling. However, the real thrill is when you discover new avenues that you never imagined you’d encounter while reading tarot. If you adhere too rigidly to your beginning expectations, you’ll miss out on new experiences.

Tarot Lesson Three: Take the Leap

You will only learn how to read the tarot by reading the tarot. Don’t allow nervousness and perfection to stop you from reading for yourself, and others. Dive right in, and have fun! Use the tarot cards at every opportunity, and remember that there is no “wrong way”, only “your way” along the tarot path.

Foolish Tarot Exercise: The Three Card Sentence

Participate if you’d like! Share your results in the comments!

To introduce yourself to the basic concept of tarot reading, try this exercise to learn how to craft a narrative with tarot cards. Shuffle your tarot deck, and choose three cards. It does not matter if you’ve never read the cards before! Use the imagery in the card to give you ideas. Lay them out in a row, and make a sentence out of them. A simple format is this:

Card 1: Who (A noun)
Card 2: What (A verb or action)
Card 3: Where (A location)

So, let’s see this in action. I’ll choose three cards, and form a sentence.

Card 1: The Emperor – A man
Card 2: The Lovers – Chose a lover
Card 3: The Star – Next to a river.

A man chose a lover next to a river. See? Easy peasy.

If the cards you drew don’t lend themselves to an easy sentence, you can either make up your own sentence format, or draw different cards! It doesn’t bother me any, I won’t tell. You can try this as many times as you’d like, and with as many combinations as you desire. Try switching the order of the same cards, to see what happens when they are in different positions.

Let’s try shifting these cards a bit.

Card 1: The Lovers – Two people
Card 2: The Star – Poured water
Card 3: In a throne room.

Two people poured water in a throne room. These sentences can be silly or serious, it’s up to you!

What does the Fool card make you think of when tarot reading? Have you learned how to have fun with the tarot cards? Any fun tarot exercises that you like to do? Share your ideas here!


The Tarot on Tarot Reading Blog Series

A lot of people have been asking me how to get to know their tarot cards better, and how to read the tarot more effectively. While I’m planning to address those issues more specifically in an upcoming e-book, I thought that it would be wise to ask the tarot how to read the tarot cards! After all, the tarot is a system of reading on all sorts of questions, so why not this one?

In the upcoming blog series, “The Tarot on Tarot Reading“, I am going to investigate this question with each of the Major Arcana cards, and finish with a tarot reading about tarot reading! I’ll be listing all of the posts in this series here, for easy reference later on.

If you’ve been wondering how to enhance your tarot reading, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! Feel free to share Tarot Musings on your favorite social sites, so others can learn how to read the tarot too. I hope that these posts will foster a lot of discussion about tarot reading, and help each of you get to know your tarot cards. There will be tarot exercises for you to try too! (Completely optional, of course.)

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Welcome to the Tarot on Tarot Reading!


Tarot of Emergence – The High Priestess

High Priestess - Tarot of EmergenceAn Aura of Mystery

In direct opposition to the Magician‘s high powered energy, the High Priestess is the embodiment of passivity. She is the eternal virgin, the keeper of the record. All secrets are hers, and hers alone.

The hands radiate with a different sort of power. Are they emblems off the book come to life? Or her own hands, removed by her will or another’s? Or someone else’s, trying to possess the book?

Whatever may be the case, she isn’t telling. Although she may be the receptive energy of the universe, she has her own methods of power and control.


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A Drive Through a Small Town

I thought it was time to share a bit about where I’m coming from in life. The Tarot path encompasses anyone willing to walk it, and my own spirituality is no exception. My spiritual life has been pretty topsy turvy, more so than many, and also less so. So here’s a well-timed flashback, to show you my example of spiritual growth.

*cue flashback*

I was born into a Christian home, Seventh-Day Adventist by denomination. My mother believes every bit of it, but does not feel the need to go to church. My father is a good man, hardworking to a fault, but doesn’t contemplate the higher spiritual pathways. I suppose he believes it will all turn out for the best in the end.

I attended church when I was small, until I was about 12. Various different people gave me rides to church over the years, but my favorite was a lady I’ll call Betty. She was probably in her late 40′s at the time, and had curly light brown hair and a winning smile. She was very nice to everyone, and knew her Bible well.

I remember one time on the way to church, we were talking about the return of Jesus. During a pause in the conversation, I saw her looking off into the distance, and she wasn’t smiling. Her eyebrows came together, her lips pursed.

Then she saw me looking, and gave me her signature smile.

Forced, with the light gone from her eyes. I could see it, and saw what I believed was hypocrisy for the first time.

It bothered me then, and bothered me for a long time. I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t happy, why there was no real joy under her smile. After all, when you know that you are saved, isn’t that supposed to bring you unending joy?

Looking back now, I realize there could have been a thousand different reasons why her smile faded away. She could have been stressing about bills or wondering about the fate of our little church (which I found out shut down years later).

Yet it wore down on me, that she would fake a smile to a child. Wasn’t that like lying? Did she truly believe I couldn’t tell the difference?

Now, with two daughters of my own, I know the meaning of that smile. It was an attempt to spread happiness, at all times, to all people. A monumental task for any human being, and especially for those of us with real worldly concerns. Children deserve to know that there is good out there to balance out the bad, and they deserve to have faith in the basic goodness of the human spirit.

I cannot fault her for wanting to preserve that.

*end flashback*

So, what does this have to do with Tarot? I suppose, the fact that I was already questioning things as a young child, looking for elements that didn’t quite fit together. Trying to find the underlying pattern in life.

Also, that I came from a Christian background. Although there are many good-hearted people who believe that Tarot has no place in a God-fearing home, I respectfully disagree. I do still believe in God, although in a far different way that a lot of people. My chosen word is “The Divine”, to identify this higher power in the universe.

But that story is for another post….