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Tarot of Emergence – The High Priestess

High Priestess - Tarot of EmergenceAn Aura of Mystery

In direct opposition to the Magician‘s high powered energy, the High Priestess is the embodiment of passivity. She is the eternal virgin, the keeper of the record. All secrets are hers, and hers alone.

The hands radiate with a different sort of power. Are they emblems off the book come to life? Or her own hands, removed by her will or another’s? Or someone else’s, trying to possess the book?

Whatever may be the case, she isn’t telling. Although she may be the receptive energy of the universe, she has her own methods of power and control.


Tarot of Emergence – The Magician

The Magician’s Power

He channels the power of the universe through him. He combines, creates, and energizes. He offers choices, yet with each comes a price. He practices the laws of alchemy, and possesses the gift of forethought. He knows that anything is possible, but with a price.

I say ‘he’ here, for sake of clarity. Yet the Magician is often a part of each one of us, male or female. We have the power to create, shape, or destroy our own lives, by force of will. We can make intelligent choices, but inevitably they require the sacrifice of equally good, yet unsatisfying options.

This is the second card of the upcoming Tarot of Emergence.I hope you’ll follow along, and share in the journey of tarot deck creation with me.


Tarot Deck in Progress – Tarot of Emergence


Things have been a bit quiet over this way lately. I’ve had some ideas churning in my head for awhile now, and have started work on a tarot deck! Tentatively called “Tarot of Emergence”, I will be working on these cards regularly.

Presenting: The Emerging Fool

He stands atop a cliff, that leads to a new world of adventure. His dog has already leapt, eagerly trotting down the path. A budding tree holds new eggs, ready to be born. The rising sun promises many adventures ahead.

About the Artwork

I’m drawing all of the tarot cards by hand with pencil, scanning them in, and coloring them with Gimp. So each card has a personal touch, with the benefits of technology. A bit of both worlds.

Comments Welcome!

I’d love to hear what you think as the deck progresses, and if you would like to see this deck published. All comments and suggestions are welcome. Oh, and I’ve never published a deck before, and would love advice on the technical aspects.