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Tarot Deck Collecting

Lately, I’ve been expanding my tarot deck collection. No, I haven’t bought out half the decks in existence – not even close! But via trades and some well-timed purchases, I’ve expanded my collection to a whopping 15 decks. My love of tarot has finally spilled over to my man, who now has three decks in his possession. Tarot deck collecting is addictive! And a lot of fun. Seventy-eight works of art that fit in your pocket, priceless!

So, I’ll do a quick recap of what decks are in my possession, and give you a taste of what to expect in the upcoming readings I do with them. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, each deck has it’s own reading style and personality, and it always amazes me when I meet a new one and establish a connection. It’s like meeting a perfect stranger and talking for hours!

My Tarot Deck Collection, At the Moment

Rider Waite Smith: The classic tarot deck that set the standard for scenic pip cards. While not my favorite, it is strikingly accurate, and works extremely well in meditation. We have a love-hate relationship!

Thoth: Aleister Crowley’s infamous legacy! We haven’t spent a lot of time together as of late. Yet I know it has a lot in store for me. It just seems to be speaking in a different language! I’m sure one of these days, it’ll all just click in one giant wave.

Fenestra: A beautiful deck that adheres closely to RWS meanings. I find it very soothing and comforting, and tend to use for emotional issues and spiritual healing.

Gilded: Another deck that walks the RWS, with lovely details brought to life by Ciro Marchetti. There is more here than appears at first glance, and the first glance is gorgeous! It is my “first” tarot deck, and already well-loved and well-used.

Deviant Moon: A darker, yet wildly creative deck! Not for the faint of heart, this deck leaves you wanting more – in a good way! I hear tell of a number of decks in the works from Patrick Valenza, and rest assured I will be happily adding them to the collection.

Paulina: Elegant and full of details! I love it so much, for the artwork and it is a very readable deck as well. Light and whimsical, it always cheers me up to read with it, even when the message isn’t as pleasant.

Bohemian Gothic: A rare find indeed! Another darker deck, it forces me to look underneath the surface and reach the true source of the issue at hand. The second edition is going to be published soon, from what I understand, with quite a few changes. Excitement!

Mythic: This deck has haunted me. I suspect I saw it mentioned in a library when I was younger, but I honestly cannot remember. While I’m not as familiar with all the legends, it still reads beautifully, and sends me back to a different phase of my life.

Legend: Arthurian: This well-loved deck came to me in less than ideal condition. However, I want to learn more about the Arthur mythos, and look forward to getting to know this one!

Animals Divine: An instant keeper! I love animals, and found an immediate connection with this deck. It draws you in, and although it is “just” animals, portrays the meanings of the cards very well. Loving it!

Fairy Tale: Not to be confused with the Fairytale tarot by Baba Press, this one was made by the creator of the Animals Divine. The artwork is beautiful here too, although I’m not as familiar with all of these stories either. Clearly, I have a lot of reading to do!

World Spirit: The art was created via wood carvings! What’s not to love? But seriously, a fun, inviting, and original deck. It is a tad thick for my smaller hands, but a real pleasure to read with.

Necronomicon: A very dark deck based off of Lovecraft’s writings. Not one I would recommend lightly, but powerful imagery that is rich with meaning. It’s a love it or leave it kind of deck, and I’m not sure which side I’m on just yet. Time will tell.

Ship of Fools: A fool on every card gives “The Fool’s Journey” a whole new meaning! I didn’t know what to expect with this one, but it’s black and white line drawings force you to pay more attention to the cards’ details, and enhance the reading experience.

Golden Tarot of Klimt: The Bling-bling deck! Gold foil highlights this deck, which gives very pointed and meaningful readings. The people populating this deck are very startling to my Americanized eyes, but add a lot of depth. This one won’t leave my side easily!

Whew! That’s a lot, and doesn’t count the ones that are still in the mail! After those arrive, I’ve got to take more time getting to know the ones I’ve got, rather than accumulating more. Once you dive into the world of acquiring tarot decks, you’ll find it difficult to stop.

Happy tarot hunting!