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TM TarotCasts March 2010

Welcome to the first episode of TM TarotCasts, my monthly tarot horoscope to help you make the most of your life this month. I used the Paulina Tarot, a breathtaking tarot deck with carefully detailed imagery to do this month’s tarot reading.  Now, I’m not the most tech-savvy person among us, and this was my first podcast ever. So cross your fingers and enjoy!

This month’s theme is “Expectations”. Do your expectations fit in with your chosen tarot card this month? Why or why not? Tune in to what your card is telling you, and try to incorporate that card’s energies into your life this March.

Note: If the TarotCast doesn’t appear in your feed reader, please click through to to listen in! Much apologies, and I’ll figure out a way to fix it soon!

Aries: Justice XI - Your life is weighing in the balance. Everyone is judging you, and you are really judging yourself. Your motivations, what you’ve been doing up to this point, how harsh you’ve been with yourself and others. Reevaluate your positions, and go easy on yourself once in a while. You don’t have to live under a perfectionistic regimen.

Taurus: The Magician I – You’re full of life, bursting with energy, you’ve got a lot going on and you’re ready to tackle it. Remember that that energy is going to polarize a lot of people, some are going to love you for it, and some are going to hate it. You’re going to have a defining moment where you find out where your friends are, and where your talents lie. So go ahead, do what you’re doing, but remember there are going to be a lot of consequences, for good or for ill.

Gemini: Nine of Wands - Determination this month. You’ve been working so hard, and you’re just waiting to see when it will pay off. But it may not pay off for a few more months. Stay the course, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing it for all the right reasons. Keep your energy reserves up. Don’t stray from your path, you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Cancer: Eight of Pentacles - A lot of creativity going on. Home sprucing up projects, early spring cleaning, a lot of self-expression. You may get some recognition for it this time. Have some friends, include your friends if possible, and have a great time doing what you love.

Leo: Ace of Wands - Inspiration. You have a lot of good ideas, you feel like you’re going to be a leader, helping others, self-expression. All of that energy can cause you to burn out. Make sure you’re doing what you want. Don’t get scattered in too many different directions. Choose your path and stick with it for the time being.

Virgo: Four of Cups - “I don’t want to and you can’t make me!” Everyone is putting all of their input into your life, commenting and criticizing every little move you make. At this point, you don’t want to hear it, you don’t to think about what others have to say about you . It’s all about you right now. No matter how good their ideas are, no matter how beneficial they could be later on, right now is not the time to do it. Do what’s right for you. If that means you sit down and relax for a week or two, who’s going to stop you?

Libra: Page of Pentacles - You’re looking forward to starting that new project, self-improvement, exercise. Any new hands-on thing where you can really get involved. Remember that you’re the one who has to start it, it’s not going to fall into your lap, you’re not going to lose 30 pounds just by reading about it. Go out there, get active, enjoy the process, get that practice in. Put all that energy towards one goal you’re striving for.

Scorpio: The Sun XIX – A lot of energy, things are going to go your way. Enjoying life and all it has to offer. You could very easily burn out after riding so high for so long. Take a breath, slow down, smell the roses. Go ahead, put yourself out there, give it all you’ve got, but remember to take time for you, ease into it, and slow back down at the end.

Sagittarius: Strength VIII – This is about confrontation, you are ready to leap out at somebody. Something isn’t going your way, you think they’re wrong, and you know exactly what’s wrong with them. But the truth of the matter is, there’s more going on within yourself than you realize. Look within first, see what’s going on in your life, mind and heart, and be ready to tackle those before you go after someone else.

Capricorn: Two of Pentacles - You are juggling your life away. You are jumping through hoops on stage. You are balancing your career, your home life, your finances as tax time approaches. You keep juggling, and everyone else is watching and laughing. The truth is that you can break out of this if you want to, you can move on from this constant tension, but only if you’re willing to see those pentacles drop as you reach out for a new one. Be prepared to pick up the pieces.

Aquarius: Five of Cups – Emotionally detached as life hasn’t been going your way lately. You’ve been feeling let down as your friends haven’t been there for you in the way that you’d hoped. You wanted that connection that doesn’t seem to be there. You need to realize that there is a lot more going on in your life than you give credit for. Your friends are there, there is emotional support, but not in a way you can recognize right now. Give yourself some time, work through your emotions, realize that when you’re ready to reconnect with your loved ones, they’ll be there waiting.