0 – The Fool – The Spirit of Aethyr

The Fool has a prominent place in history, as the medieval court jester. He mocks the King’s court, while pointing out potential solutions. His trickster nature attributes him to the Norse god Loki, whose playful nature gets him into a lot of trouble. Numbered 0, the Fool is not truly a part of the Major Arcana, but instead our embodiment within it. He symbolizes ourselves, as we travel through life, learning as we go.


Hebrew: Aleph

Element: Air

Astrology: Uranus

Key Number: 11


Clothing: The Fool wears stylish yet inappropriate clothing for the start of his adventure. He is unconventional, wild, and not afraid to do as he pleases.

Knapsack: He carries his possessions in a sack attached to his wand. He doesn’t even know what potential he has, as he is using his powerful wand as a crude tool. He is free to wander in any direction the wind blows him, with no material possessions holding him down.

White Rose: The Fool daintily carries a white rose, his innocence and purity apparent for all to see. He is a tabula rasa, a clean slate to create a new life. He has no emotional baggage coloring his thinking.

Dog: His companion warns him of innocently leaping into danger. He is the conscious, such as Jiminy Cricket was for Pinocchio, although not tempered by experience. It is the inner voice that guides you in the right direction despite all odds.

Cliff: The Fool is stepping off into the abyss, unafraid of falling – or the sudden stop! The cliff contains the unknown, the unexpected, and all of our fears about new journeys. The Fool faces these fears without a second thought. He is anxious for the adventure to begin.

Positive Attributes

The Initiator: The Fool begins the journey through the tarot. Without his willingness to begin, we would never have a chance to explore the wonders that life brings. The Fool holds all potential, and explores it both eagerly and casually. Everything is new, and no one thing holds more importance than any other thing. Everything is equal, yet unique and amazing.

Innocence: The Fool has no reference point to evaluate life experiences. He is wholly innocent and trusting, taking everything at face value. He does not worry about the future, or contemplate the past – assuming, that is, that he has a past! He lives in the now, and does not consider the possibility of deceit from others.

Inner Child: The Fool is playful and carefree, and enjoys the simple things in life. He follows what pleases him, at the moment, he is enraptured in a flower! He loves life, and wanders happily from here to there and back again. He is full of wonder and merriment, eager to learn and grow.

Empty Vessel: He embodies the tabula rasa, the clean slate. He has no previous experience in life, and will be colored over time by his experiences. At the moment though, he is fresh and new, indicating new experiences, new projects, new directions. The Fool is like potter’s clay, ready to be molded by the world around him.

Spontaneous: The Fool is never seen drawing up plans, or even carrying a map and compass. He goes where he will, following his instincts and desires. He trusts that life will take care of him, in fact, he has never thought otherwise! He will leap headfirst, when anyone else would stay safely at home. He takes risks, not necessarily for the love of them, but because he has no concept of risk or failure.

Negative Attributes

Gullible: The Fool is definitely naive, and will fall for any trap set up against him easily. He is an easy mark! Any illusion, trick, or deception will undoubtedly draw him in, as he trusts completely and has no reference for cruelty or lies.

Immaturity: As a child-like entity, the Fool is not one you want to hold responsible for much of anything. He will guard your sheep cheerfully up until the point he is distracted by a passing butterfly! His immaturity can even turn into downright negligence, as he has no sense of duty or commitment.

Frivolity: He is prone to all forms of excess, including gambling, impulse shopping and gluttony. The Fool does whatever feels good, without considering the consequences! This can lead into his trickster nature, as he only thinks of “how funny it would be!” to pull a prank, not how much it might hurt others.

Frenzy: The Fool is easily excited by life, and can feel pulled in hundreds of directions at once. Like a newcomer to Las Vegas, the Fool can quickly become frustrated and indecisive when presented with too many options. He may stumble about and fall flat, or can try to do too much at once.

Extravagance: After taking his first few steps, the Fool may find lots of different and contrasting things that he enjoys. Rather than pulling it all together to make a cohesive whole, he may haphazardly try to shove it all together, creating a mishmash mess! He is the one who wears patterns with plaid, and a floppy velvet hat to “complete” the look. He can become a braggart or an eccentric, isolated from the ways of the world.

The Fool in the Tarot Reading

The Fool comes up quite often when you are at the beginning of a new adventure, whether you are starting a new project, new job, new life lesson, or moving to a new town. You will most likely be excited, enjoying the ride, not so worried about the potential obstacles.

When the Fool is paired up with a Major Arcana card, that card can show which area the Fool is entering into next. It may also indicate that you’re being a bit too naive in regards to that aspect of your life. Go in boldly, but keep your eyes wide open.

When the Fool is seen with the World card, it can indicate that you’ve just ended a particular phase, and are gearing up for a new one. The Fool bridges the gaps – or just leaps over them! You may be pushing too hard too fast, or you may have to speed up a little just to keep up!

In the Minor Arcana, the Fool most closely relates to the Aces and Tens of each suit. The Tens show which area of life has just passed, and the Aces show which area is approaching. The Fool brings new life and spontaneity, showing that you are up to the task.

When seen with other Minor Arcana cards, the Fool can show where you are being too gullible, and where you need to be more playful. He can also indicate unwavering trust, especially in relationships. Allow yourself to break loose and have a little fun!

When the Fool is noticeably absent, or his energies are expected or desired, you may find that you aren’t able to trust others, start that new experience, or be as irresponsible as you’d hoped. Other influences are hampering your progress, and you may have to regroup and make a new plan to tackle your obligations before you can move forward.