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Daily Draw – Two of Wands

Two of Wands

(c) 2009 Ciro Marchetti - Llewellyn Worldwide

Typically portrayed as the crossroads, the Two of Wands of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot is all about making the right choices in life. From the birth of inspiration in the Ace of Wands, the next step is deciding how you are going to take that ephemeral idea and bring it into the material world. Creative expression and personal power all come into play here, as you choose which direction to go in and how you are going to make it happen.

Morning Musings

Here, the card illustrates the conundrum that we all face when beginning a new path. There are two choices, both equally good at face value, but inherently different. Whichever one we decide upon will be all right, but was it the best choice? Perhaps either choice is the best, just uniquely so based on its own characteristics. The real power lays in making the decision.

Also, one of my friends calls this the “writing card”, which usually crops up when she’s working on her stories. There are plenty of options when crafting fiction, but you never know which ones work better until you try. Just the act of channeling your creativity into one select path gives it more refinement, but eliminates all other possibilities, at least for the moment.

Evening Review

Today had a lot of choices in it, although most weren’t ones that I was planning to make! I started by cleaning the house a little bit, to achieve that “clean environment, clean mind” state of being. The kids were actually helping for once too, which was a real blessing!

Then I chose to pick up my man’s cousin to come hang out with us for the weekend. She’s awesome, and is always fun to hang around. The kids adore her, and we get some adult company besides the two of us. Also good for my mental health! While we were out, I also picked up two small wicker baskets to accommodate my growing tarot deck collection.

When we got home, I cleaned off my desk, lit some vanilla honey incense and decided to cleanse one deck per day until I get through them all. Yes, not a traditional scent, but it smell great! I’ve added to my tarot deck collection, and it’s been awhile since I’ve cleansed them all. I also order two packs of frankincense incense from Cat’s Magical Shoppe, which is one of my favorite tarot suppliers!

So yes, I came across a lot of decisions that make me happy today, and also a lot of twos! I always enjoy the Two of Wands card when it enters my life.


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