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Daily Tarot: The Sun

The Sun has been the focal point of many religions over the course of history, and with good reason. It is the life bringer, the one who coaxes plants out of the ground, the one who dictates when we awake and when our daily work is done. Its relative presence or absence dictates the seasons of our lives, and when it returns to where it was at the time of our birth, we celebrate another year of life. It is life force, unbridled energy, nuclear fusion in its most raw, primal form.

The Sun provides warmth and light. Its warmth protects us, nurtures us, allows us to grow and flourish. With it we can create new branches in our lives, or expand current ones. The Sun gives us energy and strength, and we can go forth in confidence and enthusiasm. Its light allows us to see our way, to build our dreams into reality, to study new intellectual heights. We can appreciate nature’s beauty and splendor, because it is before us, no longer hidden by the shadows of the night.

I most definitely need this energy and strength! All four members of my family, myself included, are attending school now. With assignments and appointments and preparation, I will be busier than ever. I welcome the Sun’s energy in my life, and hope that I can push myself farther and with more self-assurance. My endeavors will allow growth now, and in the future. I just need to ride the wave of the Sun’s current, pulsating through my life.

Daily Tarot: Six of Pentacles, Yet Again

The Six of Pentacles is the bane of my existence, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned. It is about giving and receiving, and often appears when I’m juggling bills and other financial obligations. Usually it is a day of struggle, but today has actually been fairly balanced. I’m finally getting a handle on how much of myself I can give now, and how much I need to apply to future endeavors. Invest energy for the now, invest energy for later.

However, the Wildwood Tarot has brought an entirely new perspective on the six of pentacles for me. It is titled Exploitation, and highlights how our choices in the present can cause havoc for future generations. Our use or misuse of our current resources can leave a big mess for our children. Although this is a rather high world view, this can easily be applied to day to day activities. If I’m not getting enough work done, then I won’t be able to give my children everything they need. If I’m not working on my long term writing projects, I’ll never be able to earn an income off of them later on. If I don’t study now, I won’t succeed in college overall.

As I finally begin to get a grip on work/life balance, I am presented with the challenge to balance my short term and long term goals. It is so hard to give myself the space to breathe and work on things that matter to me. I worry so often about the day to day bills. However, time and energy invested wisely will pay great dividends in the future.

Daily Tarot: Queen of Wands

Qualities of the Queen of WandsI recently picked up the Wildwood Tarot, but due to the move haven’t had much time to play with it. So, for today’s draw, I asked of the deck the same question I ask all of my decks: “Who am I?” This serves as an introduction to the deck, so I can begin to understand our reading relationship.

Today, the answer is the Queen of Wands – or, in this deck, the Queen of Bows (The Hare). Usually, I identify with the Queen of Cups, so this was a bit of a surprise. However, I have been drawing upon the firey wands energy a lot lately. I’ve needed the strength, courage, and determination that this Queen offers.

In this incarnation, the hare is standing on some rocky terrain against the light of the full moon. Her eyes are awake, alert; she is poised to act. Behind her are some hills and distant trees. Above all, she is not afraid.

Hares represent fertility and potential. She holds the potential of new life, new energy and ideals. She manages her impulses with wisdom and courage. She will not back down when she knows she is right.

I don’t often see myself as this confident, wise woman who will go after what she wants. Yet I am glad that this potential has been growing within me, and finally starting to come towards the surface. I will need this energy, as this year holds many challenges in all areas of my life. It’s now or never.

Daily Card – Knight of Wands

A Sense of Adventure

After yesterday’s Page of Wands – which brought a great message to me, a new house!!! – the Knight of Wands is ready to set out on the journey to claim it. He is the consummate adventurer, with both the drive and the bravery to go after his dreams. He is bold, brash, and not afraid to step on a few toes to get what he wants.

This is both his greatest quality, and his greatest danger. If the situation calls for a more delicate touch, this Knight can cause a lot of hurt feelings and may actually hinder progress.

My planetary transit of the day is Mars square Mars, which also highlights impulsive actions and bold behaviors. The key is to make sure that they are necessary, and don’t stem from personal bravado. Channel all of that energy into worthwhile endeavors, and everything will work out well in the end.

What adventures has the Knight of Wands taken you on? Was it a fun ride, or did you end up somewhere you never wished to go?

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Image is from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Daily Card – Page of Wands

A Fiery Messenger

The Page of Wands combines the practical matters that occupy the minds of youth, combine with fiery ideals that drive and inspire. New ideas will abound, especially regarding new projects and regimens that can be started immediately. Despite the practicality of this card, it also has a very strong spiritual side, as the soul is nourished by the excitement and energy that the Page of Wands provides.

I am feeling the pull of this energy already. I am devoting more time to my blogging and other artistic pursuits, and will be splitting my time evenly between studying and working today. It will take every bit of the Page’s energy to carry me through, as my to do list is a mile long! But I am confident I can succeed, and attend to all of the ideas clamoring for my attention.

Combined with this energy is my personal  astrological transit of the day – which I’m learning from AstroDienst – Mars trine Jupiter. The fiery energy of Mars plays well with expansive Jupiter, exploring many different paths and ideas. This is a great time for me to ride the energy wave, and get as much done as I can! Zoom zoom zoom! Most everything I touch will turn out favorably, as long as I pursue it with as much gusto as I can.

Has the Page of Wands brought you good tidings, whether as an actual message or a spiritual quest?

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Image is from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.