Daily Card – Page of Wands

A Fiery Messenger

The Page of Wands combines the practical matters that occupy the minds of youth, combine with fiery ideals that drive and inspire. New ideas will abound, especially regarding new projects and regimens that can be started immediately. Despite the practicality of this card, it also has a very strong spiritual side, as the soul is nourished by the excitement and energy that the Page of Wands provides.

I am feeling the pull of this energy already. I am devoting more time to my blogging and other artistic pursuits, and will be splitting my time evenly between studying and working today. It will take every bit of the Page’s energy to carry me through, as my to do list is a mile long! But I am confident I can succeed, and attend to all of the ideas clamoring for my attention.

Combined with this energy is my personal ¬†astrological transit of the day – which I’m learning from AstroDienst – Mars trine Jupiter. The fiery energy of Mars plays well with expansive Jupiter, exploring many different paths and ideas. This is a great time for me to ride the energy wave, and get as much done as I can! Zoom zoom zoom! Most everything I touch will turn out favorably, as long as I pursue it with as much gusto as I can.

Has the Page of Wands brought you good tidings, whether as an actual message or a spiritual quest?

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Image is from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

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