Daily Tarot: The Sun

The Sun has been the focal point of many religions over the course of history, and with good reason. It is the life bringer, the one who coaxes plants out of the ground, the one who dictates when we awake and when our daily work is done. Its relative presence or absence dictates the seasons of our lives, and when it returns to where it was at the time of our birth, we celebrate another year of life. It is life force, unbridled energy, nuclear fusion in its most raw, primal form.

The Sun provides warmth and light. Its warmth protects us, nurtures us, allows us to grow and flourish. With it we can create new branches in our lives, or expand current ones. The Sun gives us energy and strength, and we can go forth in confidence and enthusiasm. Its light allows us to see our way, to build our dreams into reality, to study new intellectual heights. We can appreciate nature’s beauty and splendor, because it is before us, no longer hidden by the shadows of the night.

I most definitely need this energy and strength! All four members of my family, myself included, are attending school now. With assignments and appointments and preparation, I will be busier than ever. I welcome the Sun’s energy in my life, and hope that I can push myself farther and with more self-assurance. My endeavors will allow growth now, and in the future. I just need to ride the wave of the Sun’s current, pulsating through my life.

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One Response to Daily Tarot: The Sun
  1. vidente
    October 28, 2011 | 11:17 am

    I liked the explanation of the arcane accessible sun is clear and I really enjoyed the exhibition