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Daily Draw – Three of Cups

Three of Cups

(c) 2009 Ciro Marchetti - Llewellyn Worldwide

The Three of Cups has to be one of my favorite tarot cards of all time: good friends, good music, good drinks! Celebrating life and having a fun time enjoying each others’ company. Here in the Legacy of the Divine, only one woman is depicted instead of the usual three, but she is ready to celebrate! The invisible band is playing and the beautiful cups are ready for the arrival of her friends. Life is good.

Morning Musings

This is one of those daily tarot readings that don’t quite encompass the time frame you intended. When I draw my daily card, I intend to get a reading for today’s events and tone. Yet the joyous fun of the three of cups started last night, and seeped into the morning hours before I drew this card.

Last night, little cousin came over and we rocked out playing Guitar Hero 3. Yes, I’m quite horrible at it, but we had a lot of fun! We also had a mini party with pizza, beer, soda, and chocolate! Nothing fancy, but the three of us always have a great time when we’re together.

As I was checking my email this morning, before I drew my daily tarot card, I found out that a friend of mine shared Tarot Musings with her Open Tarot Yahoo Group. Woohoo! If any of you found me there, welcome! I love making new tarot friends. I hope we can celebrate the beauty of tarot together.

Evening Review

I made a new tarot acquaintance today after reading the Divine Whispers blog. More friendly camaraderie! I also decided to share in the love by hosting a Valentine’s Day one card free tarot reading. Post a comment there to join in on the action!

Today also held some interesting surprises. Now, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, the commercialism is a drag, and I know my man loves me all year round. But he offered to take me out to lunch today at a new Chinese restaurant. I figured since it was the Chinese New Year, it wasn’t too sappy and commercialized! Great food, but not a buffet. I can’t blame them though, as the building is not suited for a buffet table anywhere.

Then, we did a little shopping, and he surprised me yet again with a pretty heart ring! Totally unlike him, as he doesn’t get into the romantic spirit very often. He was in a great mood all day, and we really did get to celebrate and have a good time with each other. Thank goodness little cousin volunteered to watch the kids!

Tonight, I tweaked my Twitter stream to make room for more followers who want to learn about the tarot path. I also cleared my email, to make room for fresh blessings and opportunities in my life. What a great way to spend a three of cups kind of day.


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2 Responses to “Daily Draw – Three of Cups”

  1. Shelley says:

    I am really enjoying your posts. It is interesting to see the meaning of the card, what you think it says of the day to come and then the evening review. Great job!

  2. Kimberlee
    Twitter: kimferrell

    I am so glad you like it Shelley! Many people do a morning draw, and then forget to look over it in the evening. That cuts out a lot of room for growth and additional tarot insights!

    Thank you so much!


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