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Tarot Valentine’s Day Thoughts Plus Free Reading

I was browsing through some tarot blogs, and came across the Divine Whispers blog by Donnaleigh. She did a tarot reading about the world’s concept of soul mates. Very powerful, meaningful stuff! (If you question your search for a soul mate, go read her post!)

So I commented on her post, and she challenged me to draw a tarot card to discover my personal advice about my soul mate. Well, since I already found mine, I was rather curious as to what the tarot would have to say. Off to get my Legacy of the Divine deck, and see how my soul mate and I should proceed.

The Seven of Swords appeared, the trickster of the deck. Here, the thief is coming back to steal the remaining two swords, while a raven looks on. Usually, this card has unwelcome associations, including backstabbing, stealing, and upsetting the situation.

However, its better qualities include creative problem solving, eccentricity, and making the most of a difficult situation. Now, our relationship has spanned nearly fourteen years, and has had its ups and downs. We even split for a long time, and finally came back together after realizing that we were truly meant for each other.

Now, most people don’t understand why we are together anyway. We are as different as night and day, to outside appearances. Let alone all the drama that accompanied our relationship during the early years. Yet despite it all, we are happy, and we have our own unique way of making the relationship work.

He truly has “stolen my heart” like the man stealing swords here! As soul mate advice, I believe it is saying that we need not worry about outside appearances, and should be comfortable with our relationship just as it stands. Others may see a thief in the night, but when all he steals is my heart, who can complain?

Or as Donnaleigh said, as the thief is doing, “Run with it!”

What advice does the tarot hold for you this Valentine’s Day?

I’ll pass the challenge on to you. What do you need to know about your current relationship status? Have you just met someone new and don’t know how to proceed? Or are you in the midst of an angst-ridden relationship and need to steer over some murky waters?

Draw a card from your own tarot deck for yourself here, and share your insights about your relationship. Or you can post your relationship question here, and I’ll draw a card for you for free! That’s right, a one card free tarot relationship reading as my gift to you today.

If you’re not comfortable with a public reading, of course you may choose a private tarot reading. (And, no, you don’t have to ask a relationship question, but ’tis the season and all!)


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