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Daily Draw: The Star XVII

The Star tarot card usually contains a woman pouring two pitchers of water, one into a river, the other into the reeds. Here, in the Legacy of the Divine’s rendition, the elegant lady of the stars brings the blessings of hope and renewal over the tragic scene of the destroyed tower. Almost as fairy dust, the bright stars glimmer over the scene, encouraging growth and reminding us that all is not lost, no matter how hopeless things may seem.

Morning Musings

After my sudden sinus headache last night, I could use some of the rest and healing that the Star brings. It is starting to go away, but I think I’ll be doing a lot of recuperating today!

Also, I have a lot of tarot writing to do today, so I will be studying my spiritual beliefs and coming up with a lot more content for the Tarot Musings site. Assuming I get adequate rest today, that is.

Evening Review

Well, I did rest somewhat today, although I did decide to do a little grocery shopping, in the hopes that fresh air would do me some good. Nope! I was more wiped out than ever. But such is life.

I did refine my tarot deck wish list today, culling ones that no longer appeal to me, and adding new ones that I’ve discovered recently. I spent some time refining what I am looking for in tarot decks, and what will complement my current collection. Plus, I had a lovely time discussing tarot decks with my plurk friends.

Also, my daughters decided to pick up all the laundry and put it in the laundry baskets without being told! That is a miracle, a sign that things may be getting better in our house. Let’s just hope it lasts!


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