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Daily Draw: Nine of Disks

The Nine of Disks bring prosperity and abundance, along with a real satisfaction for all the work done so far. Loose ends will be wrapping up, and tangible results will be evident. It is a time to enjoy life, not out of frivolity or procrastination, but because you have earned the chance to rest. Everything else has already been taken care of.

Morning Musings

Well, at the moment, I’m not feeling whole and accomplished like the Nine of Disks indicates. I did get a lot done yesterday, and there is more on my agenda! I’ve sorted through all the kids clothes, and now have to put them away. Laundry has to get done, since my washer broke recently, but I’m not really looking forward to doing that. I also want to sort through their old toys, but that will have to wait until they’re asleep.

On the writing front, I have a lot in store for Tarot Musings! At the moment, however, what I’ve got done is in my notebook, and needs to be typed up and posted here. I’ve got some ideas for the technical aspects of the website too, so stay tuned by subscribing, so you don’t miss a beat. I also need to write out some of my goals and plans, so I can create an action plan to deliver more great tarot information and spread the word to others.

Evening Review

So, today wasn’t as productive as I would’ve hoped. I’ve felt drained all day, but I suppose the Nine of Disks was telling me “Go take a break! You’ve earned it!”

I did, however, post about my method of tarot meditation. I will post my meditation I did with the Strength card in the next few days – hopefully tomorrow! I think you will all enjoy reading about my process with a single tarot card.

Also, on March 1st, I’m releasing my very first venture into podcasting, the TM Tarotcasts! Bear with me on this one, folks. Oh, and there will also be a written transcript, but I’ve been told that ya’ll want to hear my pretty voice. Or something.

About half of the clothes got put away today, which is a good start. (You’ll have to trust me on that one.) Other than that, I spent a lot of time relaxing with the family. Good times, simple times. Gotta soak them up as they arise.

The mailman was very good to me today – I got my copy of the Paulina tarot! It is so beautiful, I just want to ooh and ahh over them all day. Of course, I’m a hands on kinda woman, so I’ll break it out here pretty soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful day, blessed by the Nine of Disk’s bounty. Or at least, enjoyed every moment as best you could.


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