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Daily Draw: Ace of Pentacles

New beginnings and fresh projects call with the Paulina Tarot’s Ace of Pentacles. In this scene, a beautiful lady, who is really the tree, is calling the forces of nature to action with her clarinet. Leaves, flowers, and birds all rush to the call, and the Pentacle is hanging overhead. Remember Fantasia where the faeries are all lilting about, spreading their magic and waking up nature? That’s the overall impression of this scene, even without actual faeries.

Morning Musings

While I am under no delusions that spring will magically appear today, the Ace symbolizes new growth and abundance. New projects, new directions, and of course material blessings in the real world. While I don’t have any new writing projects to focus on right now, I did record the TM TarotCasts for March last night. That is a new direction for me, and they’ll be available March 1st!

Also, the mountain of laundry I’ve been putting off needs done in the next few days. Today would be a good one to get it done, and out of the way! But I make no promises on that one.

Evening Review

Today was pretty straightforward, overall. This morning, the kids were actually pretty quiet, which is a blessing in its own right around here! The played quietly, in their room, and let me get some things done around the house, including dishes. Yay!

I also did make it to the laundromat, with my mountain of clothes! All caught up, and kids’ clothes have been completely sorted, so I know what they need and what they don’t. Next on the agenda is hitting the Goodwill store and stocking up on spring and summer wear.

We also splurged tonight by picking up some KFC. Yummy gravy! I am all about the gravy. I’ll let you in on a little secret too. I was born with the initials KFC. Yes, let the chicken jokes reign supreme! I’ve heard them all, and then some.

On the downside, all of this hard work gave me a backache. Sigh. Time to relax this evening and enjoy the rewards of a job well done. Maybe a bubble bath too.

So the blessings from the Ace of Pentacles included a fresh start, and a fairly clean house. I couldn’t ask for more than that today!


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