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The Star XVII Returns

From the Paulina Tarot, I drew the Star today. Now, I covered the Legacy of the Divine’s Star on February 17th. Since it has only been sixteen days between the two, I thought I would take a moment to review what special message this card holds for me. When the same card comes up frequently, it often means that its lessons haven’t been fully learned yet, and there is more work to be done!

The two main areas that stood out the last time the Star appeared were my resting, contemplative day, and my girls helping with household chores. Those both rang true today as well, as I spent another quiet day recuperating and planning out my future, as well as washing dishes with my two special helpers.

Also, the Star appeared in the Yourself position of my February Full Moon Reading. There, it showed how I make changes via my willpower that are right for my life. I follow my dreams, rebuilding my life how I want it. I did so today by planning out the rest of the month, and making some important phone calls regarding a new house. Let’s hope they get back to me quickly!

Further Inspection of the Star

When I feel the need to get more information about what a particular tarot card is telling me, I do a three card reading to find out its primary focus. This can be used for any card you need clarification on, but I recommend you do it when you have exhausted your resources and intuition. Drawing extra cards can muddy the waters at times, and increase confusion for the beginning tarot reader. However, when you feel that there is an underlying message that is just out of reach – that on the tip of your tongue feeling – this exercise can help greatly.

1. What area of my life is the primary focus of this card? – Six of Pentacles

Giving and receiving of money, time, and resources, the Six of Pentacles is a card that I’m not to comfortable with, although I’ve had to deal with it frequently in my life. It usually deals directly with my financial situation, such as employers, financial assistance, and other authorities. Here, it suggests that I need to use my resources wisely, not spending too much or too little. Freely give and freely receive when appropriate. Within the realm of the Star, with its hopefulness and renewal, it indicates that I am free to put my dreams out into the universe, and they will manifest in return. Sounds a bit like the Law of Attraction to me.

2. What is the inherit lesson I need to learn from this card? – Ten of Cups Reversed

Right side up, the Ten of Cups is family abundance, being satisfied with life and my home. However, that satisfaction can cause complacency. While I love my family completely, there are changes that need to be made, including the search for a new house. While things may be unsettled for awhile, I can rebuild my household in a more suitable way, thanks to the renewal of the Star. Just because things are great now, doesn’t mean they cannot get better. I can expand my world to include my wants, not just my needs.

3. What course of action is the card leading me towards? – Ace of Cups

Seek a new emotional beginning, following my intuition and dreams. Allow my dream to take flight, in a whole new way. I have been focused for so long on providing just the basics of life for my family, that I haven’t allowed myself to imagine an abundant, successful life. Dreaming should be welcomed and encouraged, and I have the hope of the Star to light my way.

How does the Star manifest in your life? Do you get the chance to dream about a better tomorrow? Share your insights here.


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