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Peace and Worry Tarot Reading

Two nights ago, I created the Peace and Worry tarot spread to address my concerns about the conflicting feelings I’ve been having lately. Using the Thoth tarot deck, I did this tarot reading, and have finally gotten around to sharing that tarot reading here! Ha! Some days, it takes me a little while to analyze my own readings, whereas when reading the cards for others, it is amazingly quick.

In this reading, I had to laugh a bit at how the cards laid out. Typically favorable cards were on the worry side, and more unfavorable cards were on the peace side! Of course, after thinking over it a few minutes, it all made sense. But this particular reading is good to see how cards can have widely differing meanings within the right context.

My Peace and Worry Reading

1. Source of Peace – Three of Swords

The heartbreak card as my source of peace? Well, after facing the truth about my reality, I can finally relax. I don’t have to be brave, or carry around false optimism or pride. What have I faced lately? Well, that I do not do well in a traditional job, for one. I like the freedom of being self-employed, and pursuing my writing and tarot passion. Also, I’ve finally given myself the opportunity to explore the tarot fully, and not be hindered by outdated beliefs that don’t fit into my life. I don’t have to worry about what others think of me. I really can have peace, now that the truth about my life is out, ready for the world to see.

2. Source of Worry – Four of Wands

A card of wholeness, completion, and celebration, causing me worry and stress. Things are going so well for me, it’s making me nervous! My life has always been volatile, with quick highs and lows. My passions are taking flight, and I’ve found so much support amongst my friends and family. I have every reason to be happy, and I’m wondering what bad thing will fall onto my plate. In essence, I’m worrying over future troubles that may or may not happen.

3. Root of Peace – The Tower XVI

My life has been full of changes lately! I took the freelance plunge again, leaping out of my real world job. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to try again, but my man was so supportive, that I decided to shake up my life again. This radical change is vital to me, but will take some getting used to. I can rebuild from the rubble of my own life, the way I want my life to be. Quitting my job made me face my fears head on, and brought me directly to the truth revealed in the Three of Swords.

4. Root of Worry – The Lovers IV

While the Tower ultimately brought me peace, it also brought me a lot of anxiety. I was very nervous, wondering if I had chosen the right path, and if everything would be all right in the long run. Would my choices be my downfall, or my true source of success? Also, I was very nervous to see if my man would remain supportive over the long term, as many of my past relationships involved my dreams being thwarted at every turn. Yet I know he will, as he grew up with a father who was self-employed, and endured the natural highs and lows that it brings.

5. Increase Peace – Princess of Cups

Also known as the Page of Cups, this card allows for introspection, creativity, and even psychic ability. I am allowed to follow my dreams, wherever my interests lead. I can relax and express myself wholeheartedly. I need to cultivate my natural strengths and talents, and explore where my emotions take me. I don’t have to be afraid for the future, when the present is so bountiful and full of life.

6. Decrease Worry – Knight of Swords

This one correlates to the King of Swords in other decks, and allows me to use my intellect to find creative solutions hidden within potential problems. Instead of being swallowed up in what ifs and shoulds, I ought to pursue my life goals with determinism and mental strength, bringing all my talents to the table. Logical planning needs to replace unnecessary worrying. I can take on any challenge with a sharp wit and mental clarity.

7. Balanced Outcome – Four of Cups

Although this card can show indifference and apathy, in this context the four of cups shows me getting accustomed to the good things that my life choices bring. I will grow accustomed to a slower pace of life, as my real world job was as fast paced as it was unsatisfying. I will be able to manage my life more, doing what is right for me and my family. I will finally have some peace and satisfaction, and be able to share that with others.

Share your insights on this reading. What do you agree with? What parts don’t fit in with your current understanding of the tarot cards?


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