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Peace and Worry Tarot Spread

Peace and Worry Tarot SpreadLast night, I created my own tarot spread to address a situation that is pretty common in my psyche. Things are going good right now, yet I have an underlying anxiety that is just waiting for the axe to fall! I may be comfortable at the moment, but I am never complacent. So I made this tarot spread to address my concerns about these two conflicting streams of consciousness – or subconsciousness – peace and worry.

Bringing Peace and Worry into Harmony

The easiest way to understand this spread format is to imagine a line running horizontally through the middle of the spread. Everything applying to peace is on the top half, and everything relating to worry is on the bottom half. The last card brings the two thought processes into harmony, dissolving the dissonance in my mind.

  1. Source of Peace – What is causing your peace right now?
  2. Source of Worry – What is causing your worry right now?
  3. Root of Peace – What past events led to this peace?
  4. Root of Worry – What past events led to this worry?
  5. Increasing Peace – What actions will increase your peace?
  6. Decreasing Worry – What actions will decrease your worry?
  7. Balanced Outcome - How will your peace and worry work together?

Now, this pattern can be used with any two ideas or emotions existing in your mind at the same time. What you are truly seeking with this tarot spread is how to allow these two things to coexist and work towards your greater good. After all, we need both darkness and light, and cannot wish one or the other out of existence. Rather, we need to examine what is necessary at the present moment, why we feel the way we do, and what needs to change in our lives.

Later on, I will post my tarot reading I did with this spread, using the Thoth tarot! Subscribe to Tarot Musings so you don’t miss out.

If you try out this spread, let me know what you think of it! Would you rearrange some card placements, or add new ones? Share your results here.


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2 Responses to “Peace and Worry Tarot Spread”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Well Kimberlee, since you asked…

    1 2 3 4 5 I’m ok with but 6 has me feeling like we are pulling in the other direction, it feel disruptive.

    1 above Source of Peace
    2 below Source of worry

    3 before Root of Peace above
    4 before Root of Worry below

    5 after Increase Peace above
    I feel like it needs to be balanced
    6 after Increased Worry below

    if you had 789
    you could do
    7 above Decreased Peace
    8 below Decreased Worry

    and finish with a 9 where you now have a 7
    9 balanced outcome

    Just felt that the 6 as you have it atm does a uTurn in my head. It scrambles me.

    Just mho, this is your site, your style, your spread.

    But since you were asking …

    The concept is intriguing. It would be nice to see the spread in action.

    Cheers Stephanie

  2. Kimberlee

    I do like your method of doing this spread, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing your version here. I agree, it could indeed be more balanced the way you showed it here. I will have to give your version of the spread a try!

    Here is the link to where I tried out my version of the spread: http://www.tarotmusings.com/peace-worry-tarot-reading/

    Thanks again!