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Acting the Tarot Fool

A reading for myself from Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom, regarding how the fool appears in each of our lives, using the Gilded Tarot.

1. How have I been a Fool in my life? – Eight of Swords

A blindfolded woman, hands bound and surrounded by swords. She believes herself to be trapped, but if she only leaned over and cut her ties by one of the swords, she would be free. Her thoughts convince her of this supposed truth, and she becomes a victim of her own mind, instead of her apparent captors, who are no longer present. By not seeing what the swords really are, and what really surrounds her, she dare not make a move, for fear of mistake and harming herself. A bit of courage and realization would improve her situation dramatically.

Insights: I tend to box myself in via my thoughts, and consequently my lack of action. This foolish behavior causes more harm to myself than any other outside influence.

2. How has it helped me? – Ten of Swords

A man lays face down in a grassy field, with a deer looking on. Above him are ten swords surrounded by a pillar of light, poised to rend him asunder. Three birds fly away in the distant skies. He already appears unconscious, if not dead, and the swords will add as much insult as they will injury. He appears without hope, and there is no one to save him from his fate. His thoughts have toppled him completely, leaving him at the fate of mercy. Will the swords finally fall? Or will something help him along, out of the swords’ paths?

Insights: My foolish, boxed-in thoughts bring me to a bitter end, but also learning to rely on other people, or even trusting in fate or a higher power. I cannot do everything on my own, and need to trust that others will support me in my time of need, when everything looks bleak.

3. How has it hurt me? – King of Pentacles

The King sits on his golden throne casually, one knee resting over the other. He holds a golden scepter, and looks up and over his shoulder at the starry sky. His throne is a giant pentacle. Below him is a field surrounded by bushes. His cape is green with gold overlay, and purple tights. He looks bored, but interested in the world around him. He yearns for something more, dreaming of the next big thing to enter his life. He does not seem concerned with what he has so far, it is accumulation rather than appreciation. With no subjects to rule, no living creatures, he has plenty of time to dream.

Insights: Foolish thoughts lead to foolish deeds, and I have mishandled money, finances, and my kingdom. Being lost in thought prevents me from seeing the bounty all around me, and from managing it wisely. I would do better to pay attention to my surroundings, and enjoy all that life has given me so far.

4. Where in my life do I need to be more Foolish? – Ace of Wands

A gold overlaid wand shoots fire into the sky, against the backdrop of an orange planet and dark clouds. Two large hands appear to cradle the wand, although it does not appear to be touching the hands. The wand is alone, but exudes great amounts of energy. While it is channeled energy, it is not controlled. The hands appear cautious to hold it, but earnestly wanting to. One single lightning bolt seems to sneak out of one of the clouds and onto the wrist of one hand. The wand is a conduit to great amounts of power, attracting like forces from the heavens.

Insights: I need to leap foolishly into my creative projects, following my inspiration wherever it leads. I need not hold back, and instead ride the wave of power when it enters my life. Hesitation thwarts electric creative energy.

5. Where will the Fool not serve me? – Page of Cups

The young man looks away from the glowing cup in his hand. He has a casual attitude toward it, as though it did not bother him in the least that it has been entrusted to it. He stands before a golden archway, with vines growing up one side and a potted plant on the other. His attitude is cool and measured, as if he is not ready to explore what it has to offer. Although life is growing all around him, he has not yet taken the steps to live his own life. He waits to see what will develop on its own, at a natural pace.

Insights: I ought not develop a devil-may-care attitude to my emotional quests. While a fool may lightly traipse by a chance to explore his heart and emotions, I can take the time to explore my emotional depths, and see what develops. Ignoring emotions leads to blockages and pain.

6. Where do I find the Fool outside myself? – Two of Pentacles

A traveler stands in the reeds along a shoreline, juggling two pentacles amidst a rainbow emanating from his hands.  In the moonlit distance a single boat appears, with a dolphin alongside. He is wholly focused on his task, and not seeing the beautiful scene behind him, or the opportunities presented. Yet his work is not pointless, it brings forth beauty and results. He is well-dressed and exudes a certain level of comfort and wealth. Yet what does that ship hold for him? Unless he looks away, he will never know for sure.

Insights: I have seen others carefully balancing their work and home lives. However, I yearn for more opportunities, and have decided to be self-employed. Their struggle, while beautiful for them, is not for me. I cannot live my life in the workaday grind.

7. What gifts does it bring me? – Six of Pentacles

A well-dressed man, who appears to be an accountant or tax collector of old, holds an unbalanced scale, with pentacles within each side. He stands behind a wall, like a banker’s counter, with a candelabra hanging overhead. He doles out the pentacles to striving hands, as they fall from the scales. The hands don’t touch the pentacles, and he does not seem concerned about that fact. He is only happy to give, in his own measure. If he paid attention to the people in need, his giving would be more effective. And if the people focused more on the coins instead of their pressing needs, they would be able to benefit from his misplaced generosity, and help themselves.

Insights: In my foolish quest to live my own life, I can develop a better appreciation for the gifts I have, and can share with others. My spiritual, emotional, and even financial gifts can benefit everyone around me, and I can learn to give exactly what is needed at the appropriate time.

Overall, The Fool Allows Me To:

  • Become Grounded
  • Trust Others
  • Appreciate Life
  • Follow My Dreams
  • Explore Emotions
  • Appreciate My Choices
  • Give To Others

How has the Fool influenced your life? Has he led you down unexpected paths? Or leaped when you normally would have stayed put?


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4 Responses to “Acting the Tarot Fool”

  1. AJ says:

    nice job on your blog, keep up the good work! AJ


    Thanks AJ! Glad to see you here. :)


  2. Laura says:

    I am also doing the Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom. Right now I am reading the Magician. How are you liking the book so far? I really have liked learning the history of the cards and how they have evolved over time. I also like the spreads that are at the end for each of the cards.

  3. Kimberlee

    So far, so good Laura! I’ve already found a lot of new insights about the Fool. I love Rachel Pollack’s work, and my first tarot book was the 78 Degrees of Wisdom. I’m looking forward to reading through the rest of it, and I may highlight a few more of her spreads here. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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