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Physical and Emotional Tarot Blocks

I’ve been MIA the past few days. I’ve been fighting a nasty bug, and dealing with some emotional hang ups that I’ve been ignoring for awhile. Thanks to that, I haven’t posted, even though I’ve been doing my daily draws and such.

So, I thought I’d explore how being physically ill and emotionally spent hinders the tarot reading process.

Of course, it seems painfully obvious. If you’re not feeling well, physically or emotionally, you won’t do well reading the cards. I know my interpretations of my friends’ cards and my cards have been off lately. Not thinking clearly, missing obvious connections, and generally not wanting to do much but zone out and rest all day.

Yet, I did do my draws, and they were still beneficial. Even if it took a bit longer for me to see the connections, they were still there. And they were exactly what I needed, even if I didn’t know it.

Physically, the Ace of Wands indicated a lovely batch of cramps (sorry, TMI folks) and the King of Wands indicated a fever. Fire of Fire, and all that. Emotionally, the King of Cups Reversed indicated emotional blocks that needed to be dealt with. I have a lot of stuff in my past that is hard for me to even think about, let alone deal with. There are days where I feel miles away from all of that, and others where it rears its ugly head at me.

So yesterday I decided to face some of it. With the love and support of my friends, I did a freewriting exercise to address some of my fears and pain. I pulled a card to get my bearings, and to have a starting point to dive into. The Six of Cups, nostalgia. Perfect.

Although I’m not at a point to share those thoughts here, I wanted to let you know that tarot can be useful to work through your own personal issues. Of course, if you are facing serious physical or mental health issues, see the proper professionals right away. If you want to know what areas to focus on, the tarot can, at the very least, point you in the right direction.

Of course, the blocks themselves can hinder your progress with the tarot. Especially for the new tarot reader, when you feel poorly the last thing you might want to do is try to analyze a bunch of cards that are still foreign to you. However, once you have found a deck that you are comfortable with, even glancing through the images can restore some comfort and peace into your soul.

I’m thinking of going through my decks, and writing up my insights of each card from each deck, one by one. Probably random, personal freewriting, to keep the emotional pathways flowing on a regular basis. I may share parts of them here, as the desire arises.

How do you deal with similar blocks when trying to read tarot? Can you work around them, or do the issues demand your primary attention?


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