How to Cleanse a Tarot Deck

I have discussed cleansing my tarot decks lately, and I am going to share my tarot deck cleansing technique. Now, my way is not your way, and there is no wrong way to cleanse a tarot deck. Whatever works and makes you feel more in tune with the tarot deck’s energies is ideal for you.

When to Cleanse a Tarot Deck

  • After a long period of doing readings. You’ll know how long this period is by the way the deck feels and reads after a time. It starts acting clunky, provides less than clear messages, and feels off kilter. This feeling can also happen after a highly charged reading (one that brings strong positive or negative emotions or energies).
  • When purchasing a new deck. Some people cleanse their new tarot deck before doing their first readings with it. Personally, I like cleansing all of my other tarot decks, to balance out their energies and account for a new deck entering my life. Again, totally up to you if this seems like the right thing to do.
  • After major life changes. Births, deaths, divorces, moves, and epiphanies can all dramatically change your outlook on life, and the energies that you are dealing with. This is a great time to have a fresh start by cleansing your tarot deck.

How to Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

This is my current method. It could change at any time. I don’t do a lot of work with crystals, nor with pagan or Wicca rituals. They are just not on my spiritual path at this time. So I came up with this tarot cleansing ritual, and it works very well for me.

  1. Light some incense. To me, it doesn’t matter which type of incense, as long as it is a scent I enjoy. Right now, I have a lovely vanilla honey incense that I’m using. Many people recommend sage or frankincense.
  2. Run the deck through the incense smoke. This is to open the deck to my intention to cleanse it. I make sure the smoke envelops the tarot deck, and I rotate the deck a few times.
  3. Sort the cards by suit. I place the Major Arcana in one pile, followed by Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. If you prefer a different order, that’s fine. I then order them by number.
  4. Take each suit and run it through the smoke. I spread the pile out over the smoke, allowing the smoke to waft between each space of the cards. I do it face up first, and then face down. Then I set each pile atop one another to complete the deck.
  5. Run the whole deck through the smoke again. This seals the cleansing energy, and signals that the whole deck is done. I also cleanse the tarot bag it will be placed in, to add additional cleansing energy.

Ta-da! My deck is now cleansed. When I want to do a reading with a cleansed deck, I thoroughly shuffle to make sure the cards are mixed well and ready to read with.

What methods do you use to cleanse your tarot decks? How often do you feel the need to cleanse them?


Daily Draw: The Star XVII

The Star tarot card usually contains a woman pouring two pitchers of water, one into a river, the other into the reeds. Here, in the Legacy of the Divine‘s rendition, the elegant lady of the stars brings the blessings of hope and renewal over the tragic scene of the destroyed tower. Almost as fairy dust, the bright stars glimmer over the scene, encouraging growth and reminding us that all is not lost, no matter how hopeless things may seem.

Morning Musings

After my sudden sinus headache last night, I could use some of the rest and healing that the Star brings. It is starting to go away, but I think I’ll be doing a lot of recuperating today!

Also, I have a lot of tarot writing to do today, so I will be studying my spiritual beliefs and coming up with a lot more content for the Tarot Musings site. Assuming I get adequate rest today, that is.

Evening Review

Well, I did rest somewhat today, although I did decide to do a little grocery shopping, in the hopes that fresh air would do me some good. Nope! I was more wiped out than ever. But such is life.

I did refine my tarot deck wish list today, culling ones that no longer appeal to me, and adding new ones that I’ve discovered recently. I spent some time refining what I am looking for in tarot decks, and what will complement my current collection. Plus, I had a lovely time discussing tarot decks with my plurk friends.

Also, my daughters decided to pick up all the laundry and put it in the laundry baskets without being told! That is a miracle, a sign that things may be getting better in our house. Let’s just hope it lasts!


Daily Draw: Ace of Swords

Eagles, symbolizing the heights of empirical truths, circle around this intricately designed sword. A gift from the divine, swords in the tarot are always two-sided, indicating peace and destruction that a sword can bring.

Morning Musings

Aces stand for beginnings, and sometimes messages as well. The Ace of Swords heralds in the beginning of thought, a search for truth and meaning in life, as well as handling intellectual issues in your life, such as filing taxes or pursuing a new course of study.

I have ordered quite a few tarot books and decks, and am expecting them in the mail any day now. Yay! I hope a few of them arrive today.

However, I suspect that this one deals with the legal matters that I need to accomplish this year. I need to make a few phone calls, and get some neglected areas resolved quickly. Let’s hope for the best on this one! Also, that I don’t procrastinate and push it off to another time.

Evening Review

All right, so I didn’t get to those important phone calls. But I did make a master to-do list of all the important things I need to attend to in the upcoming weeks, so that is a bonus point!

Now, I did get my Thoth tarot deck today, along with its tarot bag. I also ordered a special coin, which says “The Path of the Tarot” on it. It is actually a silver dubloon made especially for Mardi Gras. I love coins, and was immediately drawn to it.

One phone call I did attend to was upgrading our existing cable service. Although, the cable company called us! We had been considering getting the extra cartoon channels for the kids, and since they went ahead and called us, we went for it. It wasn’t nearly as expensive as I had imagined it to be either.

So, today was a rather low-key Ace of Swords day. They can be much more intense, as I have experienced in the past! However, the phone call, the packages, and the to-do list are all very pointed messages to me. My life is getting on track, as I pursue my goals intellectually and with purpose.


Daily Draw – Page of Coins

These full portraits featured in the Legacy of the Divine tarot deck are my absolute favorite cards! The Page of Coins is featured here as a young girl, alluding to many decks’ switch to the title Princess instead of Page. No matter what you prefer to call this card, a child in nature is a serene card full of wonder and possibilities.

Morning Musings

This card often comes up for me when I have some self-improvement to do. A messenger of real world change, this Page offers practical yet simple solutions to larger problems. Real results are possible, with a little effort and a fresh approach.

Although I’m not really sure what I have on the agenda today, I do suspect that this card is referencing my two kids at this point. They have been quite a handful lately, and I have the labor of love as a parent to discipline them wisely without squelching their creativity. Striking this difficult balance is definitely on my mind today!

Evening Review

All right, I didn’t get to a lot of the things I wanted to today. It was quite a lazy day over here! But I did do a tarot reading about parenting, which was right on target! Woohoo!

I also discovered Divine Bazaar, a spiritual marketplace that allows you to place free ads about your metaphysical offerings. What a great idea! Planting a seed, in the form of free advertising, is a Page of Coins type of thing to do. We’ll see how that develops.

I also found a new goal for myself: earning enough money to go to the 2010 Reader’s Studio in New York. Just reading about it makes me drool! I would love to meet some of the greatest tarot minds of our time, and have a ton of fun. I’ve never been to New York City before, so it would be a brand new experience for me. All of your best wishes, thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated, as I will have to work harder than ever to succeed!

Beyond that, I think the Page of Coins gave me a chance to rest, regroup, and renew my focus on what matters most.


Tarot Reading – Parenting My Children

As you may know, I have two beautiful daughters, who are both in the toddler years. While I love them completely, some days they are total hellions! Lately, they have been driving me up the wall more than usual, so I decided to consult my Legacy of the Divine tarot deck with this question:

“What do I need to know about raising my children?”

I decided to do a simple five-card tarot spread. From left to right, position one is the situation, two through four are the steps I need to take, and position five is the outcome.

  1. The Situation – Queen of Swords: With her sharp mental acuity and scathing wit, the Queen knows what is right and will do anything to make sure that justice is served quickly and often harshly. I have been feeling a lot like her lately! I’ve been laying down the law in our household, and the kids are testing the boundaries of the law at every turn. I am trying to be caring and compassionate while doing so, after all, I am a Queen of Cups by nature! But I often have to resort to immediate discipline to get my point across. While the Queen of Swords is effective, her demanding nature puts everyone in the house on edge, including me!
  2. First Step – Page of Cups: This card embodies child-like wonder and curiosity, and untested emotional waters. My first thought is that I have to meet my children where they are at in their emotional growth. Young and passionate, they don’t understand that their first impulses aren’t always ideal for their health and well-being. And they also don’t realize why I have to swiftly stop them from hurting themselves. I need to address their emotional needs and give them what will satisfy those needs while keeping them safe. I also need to avoid stifling their emotional development, and not resort to harsh words immediately unless it is the only alternative.
  3. Second Step – Ace of Swords: Signaling the beginnings of knowledge and a sharp mind, the Ace indicates that my children are quite intelligent, and if I am going to raise them well, I have to acknowledge that as well. Sometimes they use tactics, such as whining or pleading, to get their way, and my caring nature wants to tend to those “needs” instead of realizing that they are only ploys. While I can use the voice of reason to explain what they are doing is wrong, I do not need to be drawn into arguments with them. State the facts once, and let them decide whether they will comply or not. Also, I can address their budding intellect by providing activities that will keep them from getting bored, and keeping them out of mischief.
  4. Third Step – The Devil XV: The crafty devil appears to remind me that things are not always as they seem. When the children get out of line, I grow quickly stressed and overwhelmed. Yet I am the parent, and always the one in control. I need to remember that I have the choice to get mired in the power struggle, or rise above it and keep my cool. I can pick my battles, and decide what is truly important in my family life.
  5. Outcome – King of Wands: This powerful leader reigns through well-controlled intuition and willpower. His flame serves both a practical and spiritual purpose, benefiting everyone in his realm. He shows that I can remain cool and confident, as long as I remember my proper role as parent. I am not here to indulge my children, but to set a good example and lead them in the ways of the world.

Overall, I have every reason to believe that this issue can be resolved over time. While rule setting and butting heads will continue to crop up over the years, I can meet these challenges by meeting my children’s mental and emotional needs while remembering that I am always the one in charge.

Do you have any other insights to share about this tarot reading? Share your tarot wisdom here!