Daily Draw – Three of Cups

The Three of Cups has to be one of my favorite tarot cards of all time: good friends, good music, good drinks! Celebrating life and having a fun time enjoying each others’ company. Here in the Legacy of the Divine, only one woman is depicted instead of the usual three, but she is ready to celebrate! The invisible band is playing and the beautiful cups are ready for the arrival of her friends. Life is good.

Morning Musings

This is one of those daily tarot readings that don’t quite encompass the time frame you intended. When I draw my daily card, I intend to get a reading for today’s events and tone. Yet the joyous fun of the three of cups started last night, and seeped into the morning hours before I drew this card.

Last night, little cousin came over and we rocked out playing Guitar Hero 3. Yes, I’m quite horrible at it, but we had a lot of fun! We also had a mini party with pizza, beer, soda, and chocolate! Nothing fancy, but the three of us always have a great time when we’re together.

As I was checking my email this morning, before I drew my daily tarot card, I found out that a friend of mine shared Tarot Musings with her Open Tarot Yahoo Group. Woohoo! If any of you found me there, welcome! I love making new tarot friends. I hope we can celebrate the beauty of tarot together.

Evening Review

I made a new tarot acquaintance today after reading the Divine Whispers blog. More friendly camaraderie! I also decided to share in the love by hosting a Valentine’s Day one card free tarot reading. Post a comment there to join in on the action!

Today also held some interesting surprises. Now, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, the commercialism is a drag, and I know my man loves me all year round. But he offered to take me out to lunch today at a new Chinese restaurant. I figured since it was the Chinese New Year, it wasn’t too sappy and commercialized! Great food, but not a buffet. I can’t blame them though, as the building is not suited for a buffet table anywhere.

Then, we did a little shopping, and he surprised me yet again with a pretty heart ring! Totally unlike him, as he doesn’t get into the romantic spirit very often. He was in a great mood all day, and we really did get to celebrate and have a good time with each other. Thank goodness little cousin volunteered to watch the kids!

Tonight, I tweaked my Twitter stream to make room for more followers who want to learn about the tarot path. I also cleared my email, to make room for fresh blessings and opportunities in my life. What a great way to spend a three of cups kind of day.


Tarot Valentine’s Day Thoughts Plus Free Reading

I was browsing through some tarot blogs, and came across the Divine Whispers blog by Donnaleigh. She did a tarot reading about the world’s concept of soul mates. Very powerful, meaningful stuff! (If you question your search for a soul mate, go read her post!)

So I commented on her post, and she challenged me to draw a tarot card to discover my personal advice about my soul mate. Well, since I already found mine, I was rather curious as to what the tarot would have to say. Off to get my Legacy of the Divine deck, and see how my soul mate and I should proceed.

The Seven of Swords appeared, the trickster of the deck. Here, the thief is coming back to steal the remaining two swords, while a raven looks on. Usually, this card has unwelcome associations, including backstabbing, stealing, and upsetting the situation.

However, its better qualities include creative problem solving, eccentricity, and making the most of a difficult situation. Now, our relationship has spanned nearly fourteen years, and has had its ups and downs. We even split for a long time, and finally came back together after realizing that we were truly meant for each other.

Now, most people don’t understand why we are together anyway. We are as different as night and day, to outside appearances. Let alone all the drama that accompanied our relationship during the early years. Yet despite it all, we are happy, and we have our own unique way of making the relationship work.

He truly has “stolen my heart” like the man stealing swords here! As soul mate advice, I believe it is saying that we need not worry about outside appearances, and should be comfortable with our relationship just as it stands. Others may see a thief in the night, but when all he steals is my heart, who can complain?

Or as Donnaleigh said, as the thief is doing, “Run with it!”

What advice does the tarot hold for you this Valentine’s Day?

I’ll pass the challenge on to you. What do you need to know about your current relationship status? Have you just met someone new and don’t know how to proceed? Or are you in the midst of an angst-ridden relationship and need to steer over some murky waters?

Draw a card from your own tarot deck for yourself here, and share your insights about your relationship. Or you can post your relationship question here, and I’ll draw a card for you for free! That’s right, a one card free tarot relationship reading as my gift to you today.

If you’re not comfortable with a public reading, of course you may choose a private tarot reading. (And, no, you don’t have to ask a relationship question, but ’tis the season and all!)


Daily Draw – Two of Wands

Typically portrayed as the crossroads, the Two of Wands of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot is all about making the right choices in life. From the birth of inspiration in the Ace of Wands, the next step is deciding how you are going to take that ephemeral idea and bring it into the material world. Creative expression and personal power all come into play here, as you choose which direction to go in and how you are going to make it happen.

Morning Musings

Here, the card illustrates the conundrum that we all face when beginning a new path. There are two choices, both equally good at face value, but inherently different. Whichever one we decide upon will be all right, but was it the best choice? Perhaps either choice is the best, just uniquely so based on its own characteristics. The real power lays in making the decision.

Also, one of my friends calls this the “writing card”, which usually crops up when she’s working on her stories. There are plenty of options when crafting fiction, but you never know which ones work better until you try. Just the act of channeling your creativity into one select path gives it more refinement, but eliminates all other possibilities, at least for the moment.

Evening Review

Today had a lot of choices in it, although most weren’t ones that I was planning to make! I started by cleaning the house a little bit, to achieve that “clean environment, clean mind” state of being. The kids were actually helping for once too, which was a real blessing!

Then I chose to pick up my man’s cousin to come hang out with us for the weekend. She’s awesome, and is always fun to hang around. The kids adore her, and we get some adult company besides the two of us. Also good for my mental health! While we were out, I also picked up two small wicker baskets to accommodate my growing tarot deck collection.

When we got home, I cleaned off my desk, lit some vanilla honey incense and decided to cleanse one deck per day until I get through them all. Yes, not a traditional scent, but it smell great! I’ve added to my tarot deck collection, and it’s been awhile since I’ve cleansed them all. I also order two packs of frankincense incense from Cat’s Magical Shoppe, which is one of my favorite tarot suppliers!

So yes, I came across a lot of decisions that make me happy today, and also a lot of twos! I always enjoy the Two of Wands card when it enters my life.


Daily Draw – King of Coins

My card for today is from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, the King of Coins. He is my favorite king, wise, benevolent, and successful. As Earth of Earth, he is most comfortable ruling the material realm, bestowing generosity and practical knowledge on his subjects. What the King of Coins does, works. He will throw out any habits, plans or projects that refuse to work, and remains focused on his goals. What a man to have on your team!

Morning Musings

Whenever I draw this King, I think of the line from Isabel Kliegman’s Tarot and the Tree of Life: “The King is Denmark!” If I am out of balance, it will show up in my “kingdom”, and vice versa. A new venture that restores order in my life is particularly auspicious now, such as a diet and exercise routine or household budget.

It is a good day to get affairs in order, and everything seems to go my way. I can rule over my career, my family and my household duties with a wise yet gentle touch. What’s more, it doesn’t feel like work! I can enjoy my “kingdom”, even as I work hard to make it prosper.

Today, I am continuing to work on the Tarot Musings website (“You Are Here!”) and may also get some chores done. I think that the tenacious stewardship of the King of Coins will carry me through today, pushing me beyond my normal realms of a job well done, to an exemplary success!

Evening Review

Today was off to a pretty good start, although I slept in far later than I meant to! I published my first post here at Tarot Musings, and got started on the tarot card meanings.

Then, my best friend called me, and I got a bit distracted. Oh well, what are friends for, right? I really enjoyed the chance to talk with her, which is pretty rare since she is roughly 600 miles away.

Unfortunately, I ignored the balance part of the King of Coins, and developed a lovely headache this afternoon. Bummer, right? Well I took a short walk to the mailbox, to get some fresh air and enjoy the lazy snowfall. I ended up finding the tarot bags I ordered from The Tarotphile today! Woohoo! Simply beautiful, and a wonderful material gift from the King of Coins’ influence.

I also found out that I qualify for some health insurance that I wasn’t expecting. A pragmatic, yet necessary part of life, “taking care of business” and all that.

Overall, the King of Coins was pretty good to me today, as long as I remember his advice! Everything in balance, taking care of what needs to be done, and remembering that a healthy ruler equals a healthy kingdom.


A New Tarot Journey

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

Tarot is one of the few things I have found that makes me come alive. I love sharing my experiences with the cards with everyone I meet. I love the time I spend with the cards, studying their unique images and how they play out in my life. Tarot excites me most when I do readings for others, and my words and thoughts about the cards help them improve their lives. I doubt I’ll ever get enough!

Of course, tarot has its darker side, dredging up old memories, bad habits, and undesirable circumstances that the querent has to face to move forward. Yet even the most fearful cards offer the person a chance to make the most of an ugly situation. This hope in the face of incredible odds is one of the blessings of the tarot.

One of my biggest beliefs about tarot is that it is accessible to anyone. You do not have to believe in one thing or anything to get something out of tarot cards. All you need is an open mind and heart, along with the willingness to listen to what the cards have to say.

I also enjoy and celebrate the differences in tarot interpretation. Everyone brings something to the table, not just the reader. A querent who has never seen tarot cards before can still relate to the archtypes of tarot imagery. Different decks bring unique slants to the cards’ meanings, due to the wide array of illustrations by their creators. Even if you still consult your tarot books, your mind has to assimilate those meanings and integrate them into a cohesive meaning. That interaction between the mind’s eye and the cards is where the tarot magic lies.

Over time, I will share more of my tarot journey, along with my personal insights along the tarot path. Feel free to disagree with me! I’d love to hear feedback on how you envision different cards’ meanings and interactions. We can grow and learn together, reflecting over the various ways that tarot makes a difference to each one of us.

Besides tarot, my other passions include writing and being a mom to two wonderful girls. They have a high intuitive spark, even at their young ages! I look forward to seeing how their spiritual journey proceeds over the course of their lives.

Please subscribe to Tarot Musings via RSS or via email to stay updated on all of the latest developments! This site is still a work in progress, although my goal for having everything fleshed out is by March 1st.

Thank you for becoming a part of the Tarot Musings community! If you have any questions or comments, you may leave a comment below or contact me. I am here for each one of you!